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Best White Granite Countertops Is For You

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If You’Re Someone That Happens To Love His Home - Even If It Isn't Finished Yet – And Are Facing The Challenge Of Choosing Kitchen Counters And Finishes,This Article About White Granite Countertops Is For You.


Maybe,You Have Your Heart Set On Italian Carrera Marble Because The Whiteness Of The Marble Seems To Reach Deep Beneath The Stone's Silky Smooth Surface.


You Like The Coolness Of Natural Stone To The Touch.So,You Do Some Research - Thank Heavens For The Internet - And Discover That Marbles Have a Nasty Habit Of Staining Easily.And,That's Just For Starters.


Italian Carrera Marble


As You Think It Through - The Reality Of Installing Carrera Marble As a Countertop In Your Kitchen (Or Anywhere Else For That Matter) - You Admit To Yourself That You Aren't The Neatest Cook In The Cookie Box And Your Friends And Family Are Not Obsessed With Cleaning Up Spills On Game Night.


Additionally,You’Re Not Thrilled With The Idea That You'll Have To Pamper This Beautiful Translucent Stone,Bathe It,Avoid Citrus Juices Or Vinegars From Touching Its Surface And Reseal It Every 6 Months To a Year.


Well,You'll Be Happy To Know That There Is An Alternative.The Island In The Picture Below Is White Princess Granite: It Is One Of The Great White Granite Substitutes For Marble.


White Princess Granite


What Is Granite,Granite Is a Natural Stone That Is Quarried In Many Countries Around The Globe.Granite And Quartzite Are The Names That Are Used Interchangeably Wherever Stone Tile And Slabs Are Sold.


True Granite Is a Porous,Igneous Rock That Has Any Number Of Chemical Compositions That Include a Quartz Base.


Quartzite Is a Metamorphic Rock That Has a Higher Percentage Of Quartz In Its Chemical Makeup Than Granite Does.


For The Record,True Quartzite Is Harder Than True Granite.But,Don't Get Too Caught Up In The Name Of The Stone Because Regardless Of Which It Is,Geologically Speaking,It Has The Same Purpose And Durability.


Below Is Princess White,Which Is a Quartzite But Is Often Referred To As Granite.If You Compare The Picture At The Top With The Photo Below,It's Very Difficult To Tell The Difference.


Princess White Granite Aka Quartzite


Princess White,Which Is Also Known By The Name White Fantasy,Is Also The Best Color If You Want To Mimic Marble In Your Kitchen Or Bathroom.


White Granite Is Harder To Find Than Black Or Brown Granite.All Granite (And Marble) Gets Its Name From The Background Color.


Some White Granite Slabs Have Veins Similar To Marble While Others May Have a Spattering Of Freckles In Either Brown,Gray,Black Or Red And May Include a Sprinkling Of Blue Throughout.


Arctic White Granite


This Is The Artic White Flecked With a Darker Brown And Mottled With Bluish Color.


White Ice Granite


This Is White Ice Granite.The Veining Is Closer Together And Less Defined Than The Veins In Marble Tend To Be.


Fantastic White Marble


This Is Fantastic White Marble With The Same Type Of Coloring And Pattern As The White Ice Granite.


The Point Is Simple: Granites Can Easily Take The Place Of a Variety Of Marbles,Which Are Extremely Fragile For Everyday Living.


How Much Does Granite Countertops Cost:


For Diy Installation,Slab Granite Prices Start Around $50 Per Square Foot And Go Up As High As $200 Per Square Foot While Granite Tile Prices Run As Cheap As $10 Per Square Foot To $80 On The Top End.


Prices Are Based On The Clarity Of The Color,Treatment Or Non-Treatment,Size And Thickness.The Thinner The Slice,The Cheaper The Price And The Less Durable It Is For Kitchen Use.The Average Thickness Of Granite Is Either 2 Or 3cm And Generally The Longest Slab Is Between 8 And 10 Feet.


These Prices Are For Unsealed,Unfinished Stone And You Can Expect To Add More To The Cost If You Want The Granite Sealed,Have a Specialty Cut Or Rounded Edges,Or Special Finish – Such As a Leather,Honed Or Polished.


For Professional Tile And Stone Mason Installation,The Cost Will Jump About $100 - $250 For Slab And $50 - $75 For Tile Depending On How Difficult The Cutting Process Is.

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